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QUICK-FIX or mortar?

How do I decide which one is best for my project?

A short overview about QUICK-FIX and use of mortar. Each has advantages! You decide what you need.
QUICK-FIX is a special installation system for glass blocks


QUICK-FIX is our special installation system developed in-house and based on polymer profiles and glue. Profiles and glue for installation of glass blocks? And that's strong enough? YES! This glass block wall is as strong as a wall built with mortar.

  • also for beginner craftsmen
  • no extra accessories needed
  • clean working (no drilling, no mortar)
  • only for interior design
  • maximal dimension 200 cm x 200 cm
  • Special mortar for installing glass blocks


    Using mortar is the classic method of building glass block walls and requires extra accessories. Though, installation with mortar has a clear advantage: mortar can be used outside and inside, while QUICK-FIX is only appropriate for interior applications.

  • for advanced craftsmen
  • extra accessories needed (gap spacers, steel bars etc.)
  • for interior and exterior use
  • 10mm joint
  • allows even very large dimensions

    QUICK-FIX is very clearly the easy and quick alternative to install glass blocks. It is the simple do-it-yourself version. If you like to install glass blocks outside, it will be necessary to use mortar. Also if you like to install very large glass block walls, mortar is the method of choice.