Shower enclosure

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Light My Wall as shower partition

Light My Wall 200x100cm – Glass block Clearview (Transparent), 1-side Satin finished

  • easy and quick installation
  • no drilling, no mortar
  • LED illumination (serviceable)
  • low power consumption
  • made in Germany
Product informationen
Dimension shower enclosure (BxHxT):
Dimensions glass block (BxHxT):
Glass block design:
End profile:
Power supply:
100x200x8 cm
19x19x8 cm
Clearview (Transparent)
1-side Satin finished (Frosted glass)
Aluminium satined
RGB LED strips (12V)
IP20, 200 Watt (without water proof)
Standard with remote control (without Wifi)
With our illuminated glass block walls you can set accents wonderfully. You can choose your favorite color anytime or set an automatic color change. The glass block wall may be clear or opaque according to your choice. Using our 12V LED technology for e.g. shower enclosures is entirely safe. With our special QUICK FIX installation system, the glass blocks are glued to the clean and stable floor. The maximal allowable dimension of a glass block wall fixed on the ground and on one wall is 200x200cm proportionally (successful pendulum impact test in accordance with DIN 4103-1, certified by the Material Testing Facility in Braunschweig).
Scope of delivery
  • 50 pieces 19x19x8 cm glass blocks Clearview (Transparent) 1-side Satin finished
  • QUICK-FIX installation kit for 50 glass blocks
  • 1 x glass block end profile Aluminium satined 2,5 m
  • 1 x glass block end profile Aluminium satined 1,25 m
  • 26 m RGB cable
  • 9,5 m LED strips
  • 1x standard controller with remote control
  • 1x power supply 200 W (IP20)
  • detailed installation instruction